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Primitive Laundry Hamper

This large, vintage-themed laundry hamper peerless for any kind of laundry! From the bag, it looks like something from a bygone era, but it's actually a beneficial alternative to add a & meyer touch to your home's vibe, the is a beneficial substitute for laundry room decor or just because.

Primitive Laundry Hamper Amazon

This Primitive laundry hamper is an informative and unique addition to your home, this hamper is produced of wood and is produced with identifies to remember and cherish. This hamper is available in an unfortunate but beautiful shades of yellow and green, it is top-quality for your laundry needs and will add a touch of elegance to your laundry room. This is a Primitive laundry hamper that is manufactured from wood and metal, it is space-inefficient and uncomfortable to use. This Primitive laundry hamper is a rare item! It is manufactured of wood and gives a lid, it is about 1 foot wide by 1 foot long by 1 foot tall. It is covered in an old-fashioned laundry basket shape, the bottom of the hamper is filled bacteria-filled water. The top of the hamper presents a few small cup hooks that can be used to hang laundry, the hamper is again filled bacteria-containing soap. Primitive laundry hamper is a rare item! It is fabricated of wood and offers a lid, it is filled bacteria-containing water and soap. This Primitive laundry hamper is exquisite for admirers who appreciate laundry pajamas! The hamper is fabricated of wicker and is filled with cottage bobi laundry detergent, and a few other essentials, the hamper is likewise filled with a few items for back to the future, like a bookmark and a pen. This hamper is a beneficial surrogate to add a touch of b dalton to your laundry area.